Fund Admin and Accounts Executive

Job Reference: Accountant
Employer/Agency: Abacus Capital (S) Pte Ltd
Location: City Hall
Experience: 3 to 6 years
Salary/Package: $4000+
Job Sector: Accountant; Banking & Finance
Date Posted:
Closing Date:

To support growth in our asset management arm, we seek highly motivated and driven individuals for a position that will consist of both general company accounting and fund administration. The role will be responsible for the following:

1. Accounts Exec
o Responsible for full set of accounts
o Prepare audit schedules and drafting financial statement
o Reconcile inter-co balances
o Prepare monthly consolidated PL and BS
o Liaising relevant stakeholders: corporate secretaries, banks, and regulators, etc.
2. Fund Administration
o Prepare of fund accounts
o Assist with PPMs, Subscriptions & Redemptions
o Investment and risk Management Reports
o Monitoring compliance policies and procedures
o Assist in client onboarding, KYC, etc.

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